Michael Kirkman has worked on bespoke artwork and illustrations for clients including the National Theatre, The Palace of Westminster and Faber & Faber.

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New book out now.

Cover and internal illustrations designed by Michael Kirkman for the wonderful Little Toller books. Click on image for more info and images of the work.



'Portcullis' colour linocut

The Palace of Westminster Commissioned a selection of British printmakers to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee by producing a print based on Portcullis house. 





  'The Canny Man's' Colour Lino Cut produced for the exhibition of Ten Printmakers as part of the St Jude's in the City exhibition at the Scottish Gallery.





Painting commission recently completed and framed ready for delivery. 

Medium ; Oil on Board

Size ; 2.2m x 1.3m


 Linocut produced for the National Theatre in London.

Books commissioned by 'Faber and Faber' as well as 'Profile Books'